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Because Self Care Isn't Selfish



It may seem indulgent to consider having a membership, but think about the benefits of having a gym membership, being part of a country club, or having a Sam's Club membership. What do all of these have in common? Any of these memberships offer you goods in exchange for the monthly fee at a discounted price. The same applies for a membership at Linde Esthetics! It not only offers discounted services, but it can give you a mental break that all of us need from our busy lives.


 A membership is very easy to obtain and not at all as expensive as you may think!

At Linde Esthetics, we have 6 memberships to choose from.

  • Relaxation Massage 60 Minute, $80 / Every 4 weeks

  • Spa Facial, $80 / Every 4 weeks

  • Brow Wax, $25 / Every 4 weeks

  • Bikini Wax, $40 / Every 4 weeks

  • Betweeny Wax, $50 / Every 4 weeks

  • Brazilian Wax, $65 / Every 4 weeks


Simply choose membership that corresponds the primary service you wish to receive. You will save a minimum of 15% off the regular price of this service.  You will also save an additional 10% off all other services, 10% off all in-stock retail products, and exclusive member access to seasonal promotions and special events. The cost of you membership will automatically be charged to your credit card on file. It's that simple.